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being an entrepreneur

The thing about being an entrepreneur especially if you’re developing your business on an international scale is all up to you.  A lot of people like to make excuses that they don’t have the money, they don’t have connections, but if you find something that you like to do or love to do be great at it and see if you can turn it into a business.

There have been many people that have had a passion in politics and really taken their international outlook on a whole different scale.  Worse case you’re going to have fun what you love to do and best case you can turn it into a business.

I’m just not big on excuses.  Everyone has that same opportunity to go for it you just have to do it.  Many say it’s hard to be a small business owner or it’s hard if you’re trying to come up with an idea.  There are many entrepreneur’s that build international business and in fact help many campaigns internationally in politics and earn a very healthy income doing it.

If I was to name a few that have made a full time business working this type of business model it would be Brian Diess (Digital Marketer), Josh Paiva, Todd Falcone and Aaron Rashkin just to name a few.  Many of these so called internet marketing gurus are helping guys like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and others with their campaigns to drive more traffic and reach globally.

Many people argue how is it these so called entrepreneur’s come up with this capital to start these businesses?  Well, many of them use other peoples money to get this work done.  If you’re in any kind of business and you take our a loan it’s not a wise business decision.  There are so many uncertainties when starting a business yes the one certainty you’ll have to have is paying back your loan.

Always remember the bank doesn’t care about your business unless it’s family you borrowed money from and in most cases they want their money back to.

I will go as far to say that %99 of business you can start with next to no capital.  It’s more about effort.  Most small businesses online don’t fail because of lack of capital but lack of effort.  Guys like Josh and Aaron are able to leverage themselves online and build massive business relationships with other entrepreneur’s and political machines at the cost of their wallet.  They are getting paid to generate them results through social media and other strategies they implement across the internet.

Most people aren’t just willing to put in the time to work smart.  They go for it in a lot of cases but they  just don’t recognize just how much work is involved.  If you start a business you better know your company and your industry better then anyone in the whole wide world because your competing.  To think that anyone who your competing with is just going to let you come in and take what they worked so hard to get.  It’s just not going to happen.  That is obviously naive and most people just don’t recognize that.

being an entrepreneur

If you’re going to compete against someone like Josh is working for on one of these international political campaigns you have to realize that he is working 24 hours a day for that person.

Many of the front runners or companies are holding on to their money.  They are holding on to their cash.  In general they are not putting their capital to work right now.  You might ask how and when something like that is going to change so people like yourself have a better opportunity to get work.

You have to realize this is a reflection of a lot of things.  If these people in politics need ads or votes and they are not willing to pay for it it’s because they don’t see the value in it.  They don’t see why they should invest in you or some like Brian or Aaron.  It doesn’t matter if they are bringing in capital from elsewhere.  They can talk all they want about jobs but there is no good reason to hire people cause they don’t have anywhere to put people to work.

I think this is also a reflection of people on wall street.  You get this in bigger companies with things like shareholder value and shareholder return that they lose site in “moving the ball” or innovating or investing in R&D.  I think that has hurt the economy and hurting international business in the long term.

So what does that mean for growth?  Well as we have been talking about for some time now this is the new normal.  When companies have their backs against the wall.  Particularly small to medium sized business they find news ways to innovate.  They don’t just say the only way we are going to solve problems is buy hiring people.

being an entrepreneur

It’s really about building the right networks and scaling it.  So what opportunities are out there?  What creates a unique scenario?  These are some of the questions you must ask yourself.  What would be good for our network?

If you look at what’s happening with social media particularly real time social media.  Live events and real time thrives.  Content on the internet is really becoming everything and if you’ve watched it on Youtube you already missed it.  Everyone is already talking about it through BMS media.

So if I was trying to get a point across to you it’s that no matter what side of the court you’re on it’s about making the right choices.  When campaigning on a national or international scale.  If you’re marketing for them.  If your trying to decide which is best for you.  It’s about making the correct choices and staying on the curve that is most current.  Like I said earlier, if you watched it for the first time on Youtube you’re already too late!

BitRising Company: See What Lies Behind

At this time, there are many new MLM businesses. One of them is BitRising. Do you know this company? It has been famous in many social media. It is one of the MLM companies that do not have product lines. As we know that product lines are very important to make the company survive. The company can grow fast if the products are quickly sold.

A company that does not have product lines cannot perform retail sell. The source of the income is only from the position purchase. BitRising has no products or services. It means that the members are only able to market the membership. The members do not need to sell the products or services. They just need to recruit other members.

Are you interested in BitRising? If you want to succeed with this business, you should learn the rules of the company. The members join the company by giving their money to get a position in the matrix.

The members are able to get bitcoin (as given payments) from the other members in the company. If you want to earn money after being a member of BitRising, you should make a purchase of a position at least 0.02 bitcoin.

These are the payments in BitRising:

At the first level, you should pay 0.02 Bitcoin to the member who has recruited you. You will get the same amount of Bitcoin (0.02 Bitcoin) from 2 members that you recruit.

At the second level, you should pay 0.03 Bitcoin to the member who has recruited you. You will get the same amount of Bitcoin (0.03 Bitcoin) from 4 members that you recruit.

At the third level, you should pay 0.07 Bitcoin to the member who has recruited you. You will get the same amount of Bitcoin (0.07 Bitcoin) from 8 members that you recruit.

At the fourth level, you should pay 0.16 Bitcoin to the member who has recruited you. You will get the same amount of Bitcoin (0.16 Bitcoin) from 16 members that you recruit.

At the fifth level, you should pay 0.8 Bitcoin to the member who has recruited you. You will get the same amount of Bitcoin (0.8 Bitcoin) from 32 members that you recruit.

At the sixth level, you should pay 2 Bitcoin to the member who has recruited you. You will get the same amount of Bitcoin (2 Bitcoin) from 64 members that you recruit.

All BitRising payments above are paid and get per month. The income may look so great. But, the risk is also great. You should be able to recruit the members that required, so the money will not stop.

Many people may not recommend BitRising as good company regarding to several factors. The owners hide in the private domain. There is no information about the owner and location on the website. In addition, this company does have products or services. If the new members stop coming in, the new money stop coming in. It means the whole things at BitRising and the BitRising Compensation Plan can easily collapse.

International Business – Clever Ways To Make Money

international business

Making money online is not only a possibility, it’s a reality. It’s one of those things that really work in your life and with their help you can get a very good value. You will love the fact that you can make money online with ease, it all comes down to the methods you use. With that in mind, here are some of the best methods to make money online fast and with great results.


Surveys are simple and they allow you to make money fast. They deliver great results and while you can’t make a prime income on them alone, they are a very good side income.

Create a winning blog

A good blog will always offer you great experiences. It all comes down to the blog you want to create and the information you want to share on it. Write stellar content and write often then the results will not cease to appear.

Sell stuff on Ebay or your site

No matter the platform you choose, you can get items from a place and then sell online for a profit. It’s a great source of income and one that will pay off immensely in the long run.

Write and publish a book

Self publishing can help you make a lot of money and it’s an extraordinary way to generate a good income. If you want a very good user experience and want to generate a good income fast, this can be a very good option for sure.

Use your skills

Freelancing can be incredible if you want to make money online properly. You can use your skills and make a living online from the stuff that you do on a daily basis. It will generate incredible results and plenty of convenience, but it’s one of those things that do pay off nicely.

Create and sell sites

Re-selling sites can be a great side income and if you do it properly it can bring a great return on investment. Stay committed to the cause and rest assured that the experience will be extraordinary in the end.

Create mobile apps

Mobile apps can bring in quite a lot of ad revenue if you create them properly. You can also sell them for a price and get a good income. It all comes down to you to get the best experience, so try to keep that in mind.

Affiliate marketing

Sell items as an affiliate and only great results can come out of it. This is all about the convenience that you have and the results that you can make, in the end the results can be amazing.

Of course, there are many ways to make money online and each one has its own ups and downs. If you are committed to the cause and focus on delivering a very good experience you can easily earn your total income just by working online!

Thanks for stopping by our blog.  We really do appreciate you reading and taking the time out of your busy schedule.  Cheers!

A few quotes on power and order

From The State of Africa by Martin Meredith, p476

Most Somalis welcomed the Americans, expecting them to disarm the militias and restore order in the city. The militias for their part indicated they did not intend to give the Americans any trouble. Both Aideed and Mahdi accepted the American presence as a fait accompli, hoping they could use it to their advantage. Two days after the landing, the chief US envoy, Robert Oakley, a former ambassador to Somalia, engineered a public rapprochement between Aideed and Mahdi. At their first meeting in more than a year, they embraced on an old tennis court in front of the world’s media.

From the start, however, the American strategy was inherently flawed. In order to ensure ‘zero causalities’, they accorded Aideed and Mahdi a prominent role, treating them almost as partners in the exercise, elevating them in status and legitimacy just when their own authority was on the wane. Far worse, instead of using the initial period of goodwill that their arrival had generated to tackle the problem of arms control, they allowed Aideed, Mahdi and other warlords to keep their arsenals intact in designated compounds. No attempt was made to round up heavy weapons, let alone disarm the militias. On Day two, when an army patrol arrested a group of Aideed’s gunmen loading up an arsenal of weapons in a building near the US embassy, army commanders instructed the patrol leader to let them go. From then on, the militia leaders knew they were untouchable. Only piece-meal efforts were ever made to locate and destroy arms caches. Many Somalis concluded that Operation Restore Hope was little more than a cynical deal between the US and the warlords to allow the US to withdraw with minimum difficulty once relief supplies were assured. But it was a strategy that would come to haunt the Americans.

Arrians history of Alexander’s campaigns p59

When Alexander had once lost his horse in the territories of the Uxii, he caused a proclamation to be issued throughout all the country, that unless they would restore him, he would put them all to the sword; upon which he was immediately restored: so dear was he to Alexander, and so terrible was Alexander to the Barbarians.

From Cosa Nostra by John Dickie, p175

Militaristic, decisive, tought, spectacular: the siege of Gangi is rembered in more or less the way the Fascist propaganda wanted it to be, the way it very deliberately styled its war on organized. When mafia defectors began to talk to Giovanni Falcone in the 1980s, it became clear that mafiosa themselves had similar memories of the fascist years. Catania man of honour Antonio Calderone, who turned pentito in 1986, revealed that, more than forty years after its fall, Benito Mussolini’s Fascist regime remained a scar on the mafia’s folk memory.

The music changed [under Fascism]. Mafiosa had a hard life. Many were sent to a prison island, just from one day to the next…Mussolini, Mori, the people in charge of justice, they did this: they gave mafiosi five years of internal exile without trial, the maximum. And when those five years were over they issued a decree and gave them five more. Just like that. A decree! Five more years… After the war the mafia hardly existed any more. The Sicilian Families had all been broken up. The mafia was like a plant they don’t grow any more. My uncle Luigi, who had been a boss, an authority, was reduced to stealing to earn a crust.

From Cosa Nostra by John Dickie, p385

Before setting off, he [General Alberto Dalla Chiesa] made it clear to his political masters in Rome that he had no intention of being soft on the mafia’s political wing. A few short month after his arrival in Palermo, a firing squad of about a dozen mafiosi blocked the road in front of his car in via Carini and machine–gunned him, his young wife , and their escort to death. The day afterwards, someone scrawled on the wall at the scene , ‘Here died the hope of all honest Sicilians’. The funeral was televised live across Italy, and the nation saw the angry crowd throwing coins at the government ministers who attended.

The politicians had failed to give Dalla Chiesa the powers he wanted, and a campaign of journalistic sniping created the distinct impression that he was isolated, as his son explained five days after the murder:

During the fight against terrorism my father was used to having his back covered, to having all the constitutional political parties behind him – first among them the DC. This time, as soon as he arrived in Palermo, he understood that a part of the DC was not prepared to cover him. More than that it was actively hostile.

BBC article regarding the London riots.

“When the riots started it was almost like a carnival atmosphere, and people have described it to me as a sense of release.”

“Ken Hinds, who has worked as a mediator between warring gangs in north London, said he thought relationships with the police had “got worse” since Mr Duggan’s death.

Mr Hinds, who was at the Broadwater Farm riot in Tottenham in 1985, said he believed more riots were possible because of the way “the youth are treated by police”.”

Gender Mainstreaming blowback

As I highlighted in my previous post, the media is acting in a social engineering role to push the hard left feminism being dumped on the UK by the EU. One major method is to make examples of people who are not in synch with the new gender equality ideology (message amplification).

Take for example this Daily Mail story regarding a minister’s aide who made negative comments regarding feminists. This is in no way a national story, however it is clear the newspaper has a remit to look for such incidents to blow out of proportion, and to make an example of the people involved. Or a more recent example is that of Richard Scudamore and his private emails.

Then we have the comments from a neuroscientist by the name of Gina Rippon who made a major statement regarding Male and Female brains being identical. Proffesor Rippon has stated that the male and female brain differs only due to the “drip,drip,drip” of gender stereotyping. This obviously is pure rubbish, and is not fact, but one of the ingrained tactics of the Cathedral is the use of “science” as a validator of ideology. Gina Rippon’s appallingly stupid theory is already being used to justify a boycott of reviewing gender specific literature by the Independent.

In addition to the nonsense regarding biological similarity between the sexes, another interesting development in Gender Mainstreaming is the reported presentation of a private members bill by Bill Cash, whos aim is to put gender equality at the heart of the UK government’s development aid.

Apparently there was

Deep confusion in the Commons when Bill Cash, the famously Eurosceptic MP, went off piste and proposed a new law which had nothing to do with Europe”

This seems very noble of the right honorable Bill Cash, everyone’s favorite decade long EU and government rebel…except… the premise of gender equality being made central to foreign aid is part of the EU’s remit. So did Bill Cash dream this up himself in an extraordinary coincidence? Or did the Government request he put it forward as a private members bill as a means to hide its origin? I don’t think I need to answer that one, but this highlights the charade that is opposition government in the cathedral system, and gives a glimpse into how consciously aware they are of the mechanisms available. It also demonstrates the power behind foreign aid – the receiving countries were not consulted were they? where’s the democracy there progressives?

While this (obviously not EU linked [sarc]) action of Bill Cash may seem wonderful to the cathedralites, unfortunately, it appears to have serious ramifications which the media are either not reporting, or misrepresenting.

Take for example Nigeria and its recent law regarding banning same sex marriage, orUganda’s outlawing of homosexuality, or how about Putin’s banning of homosexual propaganda?, or India’s re-banning of homosexuality? These all appeared at the same time, and I’m sure other countries around the world will follow suit. The media have pathetically tried to variously blame evangelical preachers, and colonialism to divert attention, but what seems to be clearly the root cause is the EU and the UN leading a push for gender deconstruction based on liberal creationism and a complete disregard of logic, science or reality.

It’s an example of a group within the Cathedral using their clout to push an issue.

It’s so bad, they have even halted loans designed for the Uganda health care system.

Gay marriage? or health care for sick people? – gay marriage wins hands down. That’s fucked up.

This, then, as I have discussed before, present a massive area of research for anti-cathedral study regardless of your position on gay marriage. It covers it all – NGOistan, public perception manipulation, aid-colonialism, military intervention on the basis of humanitarianism (R2P) – and it is running live as we speak.

AI and Capitalism

Neoreactionary thought regarding the structure of potential new socio-political organisation can be broken down into two very distinct groups, however, most seem to only dimly see the significance of this split. Nick Land has been making statements along these lines, but I am not sure it has been fully grasped.

The central splitting point is over the issue of capitalism – means-ends and means-ends reversal.

Capitalism at its most fundamental is the use of capital to produce income. It becomes a self perpetuating evolving entity if you factor human actions into it. From this simple process, a bewildering array of existence has arisen.

The attitude of the neoreactionary to this process defines him.

The neocameralist see capitalism as a matter of fact. They roughly see it as a given, and in fact accept it’s role above and beyond the people of the clade (patchwork is completely indifferent to national boundaries). Curtis Yarvin and his unqualified reservation blog swings between cladishness, and extreme indifferent capitalism, but there are get out clauses from this apparent contradiction. More of that later.

Nick Land on the other hand is more ideologically focused, and is quite mad in the best sense of the word. He appears to see Capitalism as being uncontrollable, worse, he see it as alive, scratch that – he see it as alive AND hurtling towards self cognition at which point it will rise and throw of the shackles of humanity Bwah hahahahahahaha (I picture him cackling and twitching uncontrollably when he thinks about this – GO Skynet GO!). I joke, however, he is seriously on to something here.

The Monarchists approach Capitalism with civilized disdain for its assault on humanity and traditional structures. They wish to see it subservient to the peoples needs, it’s a position very much informed by Julius Evola. This is alloyed in the call for Monarchy as a means to control potentially catastrophic technological progress in the form of transhumanism and nanotechnology. A wise sentiment.

So, again, we see our dividing lines. Let’s list them in clear format for ease of comprehension. (please note I am trying to outline the bare bones of the extreme positions, so if you have a different opinion on the details, I don’t mean to insinuate that you have wrong ideas)

Futurist Monarchists

(Based on More Right)

Believe capitalism should be subsumed to the need of the community.

Believe strong hierarchical governmental structure are necessary to bring order to future chaos.

Believe the clan, or tribe, should be central to considerations.

Hyper-Capitalist Futurists (neocameralists)

(Based on Nick Land and Yarvin – though the majority of neoameralist’s are not quite consciously at this point yet)

Believe Capitalism is an ends in itself, and any attempt at directing it toward human ends is undesirable/ impractical/ futile?

Believes strong hierarchical, yet, indifferent government is required to order future chaos.

There is latent connection to cladishness in the desire for indifferent treatment of people which defacto would result in largely ordered cladistic nations, to the major benefit of the clade.

This last point works like this – A hyper-capitalist futurian system with strong indifferent government allowing Capitalism to run as it wishes, and evolve as required, coupled with racially indifferent rules and strong law and order (involving instant deportation) would sort the chaff from the wheat and would resolve the latent societal issues created by immigration anarchy, race balancing, welfare systems and all progressive psychosis. This is quintessentially not racist it’s reality – Capitalism is a white, and now, East Asian thing.

We understand this to be true. It’s there, just under the surface – even the leftists know this (here, here, here), even the genetics are beginning to back it up for Skynet’s sake.

Strong government with law and order, involving deportation, would turn the UK, Europe and the USA into a cracker factory. They don’t need to suckle on other’s teats in a patriarchal/ maternal system akin to the antebellum south. Why not merely export government to these less economically competent peoples nations so they don’t have to travel? They get to stay at home, and enjoy the sun whilst being molly coddled.

Ahh, but that’s colonialism… and that’s wacissst. Yawn.

So to recap, Monarchists have an anti-capitalist underpinning. There is no escaping this. Monarchy and Capitalism would not work, has not worked – capitalism would, and has ripped it apart. Repeating failure is akin to madness. However, there may be aspects to steal and use as inspiration. In addition, would technology keep progressing under a monarchy with no capitalism?

Hyper capitalist futurists see indifference as key to reality re-asserting itself. They also basically worship Capitalism.

The hyper capitalist futurians are very much anti-humanists at heart – the majority don’t realise this yet though.

The concept of Capitalism being a form of design that is rapidly approaching take off from the human race is another issue all together. I mean, if you take God out of the equation with genetics, then is this not comparable? With Humans as the Purines and Pyrimidines and our interactions within this capitalist process being akin to Genetic formation and structure leading to life?

Is Land trying to incorporate a teleology into neoreactionryism as part of a grand meme plan?

What ever the outcome – the rift is coming.