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being an entrepreneur

The thing about being an entrepreneur especially if you’re developing your business on an international scale is all up to you.  A lot of people like to make excuses that they don’t have the money, they don’t have connections, but if you find something that you like to do or love to do be great at it and see if you can turn it into a business.

There have been many people that have had a passion in politics and really taken their international outlook on a whole different scale.  Worse case you’re going to have fun what you love to do and best case you can turn it into a business.

I’m just not big on excuses.  Everyone has that same opportunity to go for it you just have to do it.  Many say it’s hard to be a small business owner or it’s hard if you’re trying to come up with an idea.  There are many entrepreneur’s that build international business and in fact help many campaigns internationally in politics and earn a very healthy income doing it.

If I was to name a few that have made a full time business working this type of business model it would be Brian Diess (Digital Marketer), Josh Paiva, Todd Falcone and Aaron Rashkin just to name a few.  Many of these so called internet marketing gurus are helping guys like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and others with their campaigns to drive more traffic and reach globally.

Many people argue how is it these so called entrepreneur’s come up with this capital to start these businesses?  Well, many of them use other peoples money to get this work done.  If you’re in any kind of business and you take our a loan it’s not a wise business decision.  There are so many uncertainties when starting a business yes the one certainty you’ll have to have is paying back your loan.

Always remember the bank doesn’t care about your business unless it’s family you borrowed money from and in most cases they want their money back to.

I will go as far to say that %99 of business you can start with next to no capital.  It’s more about effort.  Most small businesses online don’t fail because of lack of capital but lack of effort.  Guys like Josh and Aaron are able to leverage themselves online and build massive business relationships with other entrepreneur’s and political machines at the cost of their wallet.  They are getting paid to generate them results through social media and other strategies they implement across the internet.

Most people aren’t just willing to put in the time to work smart.  They go for it in a lot of cases but they  just don’t recognize just how much work is involved.  If you start a business you better know your company and your industry better then anyone in the whole wide world because your competing.  To think that anyone who your competing with is just going to let you come in and take what they worked so hard to get.  It’s just not going to happen.  That is obviously naive and most people just don’t recognize that.

being an entrepreneur

If you’re going to compete against someone like Josh is working for on one of these international political campaigns you have to realize that he is working 24 hours a day for that person.

Many of the front runners or companies are holding on to their money.  They are holding on to their cash.  In general they are not putting their capital to work right now.  You might ask how and when something like that is going to change so people like yourself have a better opportunity to get work.

You have to realize this is a reflection of a lot of things.  If these people in politics need ads or votes and they are not willing to pay for it it’s because they don’t see the value in it.  They don’t see why they should invest in you or some like Brian or Aaron.  It doesn’t matter if they are bringing in capital from elsewhere.  They can talk all they want about jobs but there is no good reason to hire people cause they don’t have anywhere to put people to work.

I think this is also a reflection of people on wall street.  You get this in bigger companies with things like shareholder value and shareholder return that they lose site in “moving the ball” or innovating or investing in R&D.  I think that has hurt the economy and hurting international business in the long term.

So what does that mean for growth?  Well as we have been talking about for some time now this is the new normal.  When companies have their backs against the wall.  Particularly small to medium sized business they find news ways to innovate.  They don’t just say the only way we are going to solve problems is buy hiring people.

being an entrepreneur

It’s really about building the right networks and scaling it.  So what opportunities are out there?  What creates a unique scenario?  These are some of the questions you must ask yourself.  What would be good for our network?

If you look at what’s happening with social media particularly real time social media.  Live events and real time thrives.  Content on the internet is really becoming everything and if you’ve watched it on Youtube you already missed it.  Everyone is already talking about it through BMS media.

So if I was trying to get a point across to you it’s that no matter what side of the court you’re on it’s about making the right choices.  When campaigning on a national or international scale.  If you’re marketing for them.  If your trying to decide which is best for you.  It’s about making the correct choices and staying on the curve that is most current.  Like I said earlier, if you watched it for the first time on Youtube you’re already too late!

The Eight Circle Of Hell Is Calling

Out of nowhere a book by a French academic called Thomas Piketty has taken the world by storm. The intelligentsia are in uproar due to the unquantifiable genius of his book ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’.

Except it’s fraud. Absolute, unmitigated, fraud.

Inferno CantoNo one really cares about some French economist. But there are some sections of society which obviously wants us to think so, and a concerted effort has been made to make the book go viral. Newspaper editors have taken their cue from the experts in academia and the civil services, they have commissioned articles, drummed up publicity – the advertising campaign has gone into overdrive.

But this is how the Cathedral operates. The Mob needs to be corralled. The Mob needs to be made to think that they were the ones clamouring for equality, taxes and assorted progressiveness. Crowd psychology manipulation par excellence. Other’s have called it “manufacturing consent”.

To understand the fraud at work, we need to go back in time to shortly after the 2008 financial crisis.

You see, the 2008 financial crisis was not resolved, it is still with us. Worse than that, the Federal reserve and the assorted central banks made it far worse.

You may recall words like QE, forward guidance and other such silly terms being thrown around and may have become confused as to what has happened, but it is really simple. For decades the USA and assorted economies have been operating on a basis of encouraging borrowing with ever lower interest rates to fund consumerism on credit. They have encourage mortgage lending at increasing levels to drive up the asset price of housing thus allowing the consumer to utilise the increasing value of their property to tap into the unsecured portion of the equity to raise additional secured borrowing. All of this borrowing creates money (the loans actually are money creation) which increases liquidity.

There is a couple of flaws to this system which would be hilarious if they were happening elsewhere. Among the more egregious include the facts that this has occurred at the same time in which a) jobs where off shored and b) mass immigration was enacted, both of which reduce the income of the home holders by virtue of a) moving their jobs to another country without replacing it and b) driving down the wages of what jobs are still available due to increased competition.  The income levels of the lower and middle class have, unsurprisingly, stagnated, and/ or decreased (especially when you deduct the extra income virtue of borrowing!).

So far so good, but the worlds central banks have only one mode of action – keep flogging the horse. Keep pumping up the assets values, keep encouraging liquidity in the system even if there is no demand for liquidity (like pushing on a string).

Lending for mortgages reached saturation point, so once all the people who could afford a mortgage had one, the show had to keep going. This is where the FEDs stupidity in the USA dovetailed with the race grievance industry. NINJA loans where exacerbated byenforced loans to minorities with no real income to address inequality.

Now that this orgy of idiocy was descending into ever decreasing circles of madness, the financial services industry was busy replicating a scam from 1719 France by repackaging unpayable mortgage debts as AAA rated securities.

At this point, you may have come to the conclusion that the mortgages debt would not get paid, and would default. You would be right. The system collapsed, and the interconnected financial institutions began to implode due to holding unsalvageable debt.

To cut to the end, the reaction to all of this was to do the following two actions.

1)      Bail out every failing financial institution to stop the rot spreading.

2)      Begin the asset inflation again to get the consumer borrowing.

Step one was done via the tax payer. Step two has been conducted by reducing interest rates to near zero and printing money to buy government bonds from financial institutions such as pension companies (QE!), and via bond brokers (the USA government is unable to directly buy their own debt so must sell it, then buy it second hand from the brokers (free commission for the brokers!). This has placed large amounts of cash into the system, which is sloshing around looking for yield/ interest to replace the yield it was obtaining from being locked up in the US government bonds. The stock markets are the primarily beneficiaries of this bizarre situation.

The significance of this sorry story is that the people likely to hold assets (stocks, property etc) which the Government of the world have been inflating on purpose are likely to be in the higher wealth bracket. The lower and middle class are less likely to hold assets, and rely on interest from their saving (remember the near zero interest rates reducing this income?) and wages (remember the off shoring and increased immigration reducing the wages?).

This brings us back to the beginning of this piece – Thomas Pikkety. Not only is his work clearly, for want of a better word, retarded, but its popularity is as fake as is possible to imagine.

Humorously, some (here and here and here for example) have noticed this disingenuous situation, and having stumble over something significant, they pick them selves up, dust them selves off and keep walking with their liberal prejudices and bigotry unblemished.

The whole premise of Pikkety’s work, that more taxes are needed has been percolating in the upper echelons of the world progressive systems for some time (skip to page 49 of thisreport). They have the game plan set, they have the motive, and they have the means. Wealth taxes, property taxes, world financial organisation – all of these power grabs are coming to save the financially bankrupt liberal progressive systems.

The dry run has already been conducted in Cyprus and bail ins will be enacted. Wealth taxes of anything up to 30% of assets will be conducted to remove the government’s debt.

This is why Pikkety has been thrust to the status of rock star. Like Keynes and Krugman, Pikkety is doing what all good little academics must do – tell the Cathedral what it wants to hear, or rather as Mises stated regarding Keynes in ‘planning for freedom’ –

“What he really did was write an apology for the prevailing policies of the government’.

It is not just the field of philosophy that prostitutes itself to the state as Schopenhauer bemoaned in ‘parerga and paralipomena’. It’s the whole edifice, lock, stock and barrel.

This is why Pikkety is being paraded on the shoulder of the liberal elite. He just rubber stamped their idiocy with the sheen of science that dazzles and awes the mob like a powerful preacher. The liberal vanguard of the mob have now been educated in what the Cathedral is seeking, the right thinking people now know what is to be defined as “right”. They will go forth and write ever more gushing articles, talk within fashionable circles about the evils of the “rich” and drag the discourse in the direction of least resistance and pull which ever parts of the mob they communicate to in the right direction – more progressiveness, more looting.

income inequalityPikkety is the vanguard of the manufacturing of consent. Inequality is the simple image that excites and animates the mob.


You have to keep it simple for the democracy mob.