Canvas And It’s Fingers In All The Pie

To spread liberal democracy, it is current strategy of the US government to export “peaceful” colour revolutions to regimes which are on their hit list. This is not a particularly new observation; however today I would like to present a section of the USA revolution export team – CANVAS (also known as Optor).

bandera usa optorCANVAS, or rather the ‘Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies’ according to their website is a

“non-profit, non-governmental, international network, orientated to educational work related to strategic nonviolent conflict.”

A better description would be “democratic” agitators who disseminate pre-warfare protest strategies to countries which are in “need” of democracy, and crucially are in opposition to US and EU interests.

Luckily the Wikileaks releases included a large amount of emails from a private intelligence organisation in the USA called Stratfor which highlights the role of CANVAS.

The USA clearly directed CANVAS to organise pro-democracy protests with “liberal demonstrators” against a democratically elected government in the Ukraine.

Other areas that CANVAS are active include Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Myanmar, Georgia, Lithuania, Belarus, Thailand and Iran. I’m sure a look into all student revolutions in the past 10 years will show their influence.

Other nations such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc which have royal families are obviously not targeted, given they are on the USA’s good side.

This democracy spreading always tends to end with the replacement of effective organised government with utter ruin and bloodshed. I’m sure all the death, rape and chaos are worth the privilege of voting for Cathedral stooges, and the boom in job opportunities for liberal development assistants, NGOs and charities to  civilize the natives with Jeffersonian democracy and pious progressive liberalism.

Here is an exert from an article about CANVAS which I find sums up the sorry situation regarding the spread of these revolutions.

Funny McDonald“But Otpor’s founders realized that young people would participate in politics — if it made them feel heroic and cool, part of something big. It was postmodern revolution. “Our product is a lifestyle,” Marovic explained to me. “The movement isn’t about the issues. It’s about my identity. We’re trying to make politics sexy.”…And if the organization took inspiration from Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., it also took cues from Coca-Cola, with its simple, powerful message and strong brand. Otpor’s own logo was a stylized clenched fist – an ironic, mocking expropriation of the symbol of the Serb Partisans in World War II, and of communist movements everywhere.”

A final salient point regarding CANVAS, it that it appears funding is now coming specifically from private sources, following the cutting of direct US government funding for all pro-Democracy groups. One can only speculate what the Billionaires funding CANVAS get from the US Government for this little arrangement.

The Cathedral in Action

A staple of Neo-Reactionary thought is the belief, or should I really say observation, that there is no real democracy. The social political system of the modern world consists of the media, civil service and the university system, and collectively they are termed the Cathedral. The politicians are mere window dressing, they have zero influence on anything, but are present to give the illusion of democracy in the same manner in which the Roman senate existed despite the power really being in the hands of the Emperor.

This Cathederal is populated by people who are liberal progressive. The system self selects people of this type, who then design constantly more and more progressive policies and decisions which are implemented without democratic oversight. The Cathedral is impervious to change. Any politician who does manage to get elected and attempts to combat the Cathedral fails because the only way is to liquidate the entire structure.

It is called the Cathederal, because it is also a tenant of Neo-Reactionary thought that the liberal progressive is in effect a Calvinist atheist Christian sect. The entire belief system of the liberal progressive is in effect hyper atheist Protestantism, only with some minor, but devastating, differences which I will discuss in another post.

In summary, liberal progressiveness and all it’s variants is a religion. The media, civil service and university system is its cathedral.

To demonstrate the Cathedral in action, I want to highlight a funny little term called Gender Mainstreaming.
diversity gender equalityGender Mainstreaming is fundamentally an international policy of trying to force the acceptance, normalization and goals of feminists and gender ideologues onto the populace. The policy includes homosexual marriage, female equality, transgender normalization and alteration of what is considered correct gender behavior. It has been designed by university and government “intellectual experts” at the United Nations and the worlds university systems, and has been co-ordinated and disseminated by the UN, EU and the USA. Consider this UN, EU, USA government triumvirate as the St Peter’s Basilica to the national Cathedrals.

This particular example of the Cathedral in action began in 1995 at the UN’s Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing with the introduction of “Gender mainstreaming” as a policy goal.  This was followed up on the 21 February 1996 with the EU Commission issuing a communication detailing their adherence.

Since this date, there have been numerous reports and plans conducted by both the UN and EU, which appear to have culminated on 1 May 1999 with the Treaty of Amsterdam in which a binding legal basis for the strategy of Gender Mainstreaming at EU level was introduced by an amendment to article 3 of the Treaty of Maasstricht 1992.

The amendment (see page 23) states that

“In all the activities referred to in this Article, the Community shall aim to eliminate inequalities, and to promote equality, between men and women”

This is complemented by an amendment to article 2 of the Treaty of Maastricht, which states

“The Community shall have as its task, by establishing a common market and an economic and monetary union and by implementing common policies or activities referred to in Articles 3 and 4, to promote throughout the Community”

According to a 1998 Council of Europe Report the aim of Gender Mainstreaming is

“the (re)organisation, improvement, development and evaluation of policy processes. Gender mainstreaming is a political process as well as a technical one. It involves new ways of devising and approaching policies, shifts in organisational or in institutional culture and will lead to changes in societal structures”

Societal structure would include marriage and the family. They are seeking to alter what it means to be a man, woman, husband and mother. In the relevant literature, this is referred to as “transformation”, in which there are new standards for everyone replacing the segregated institutions and standards associated with masculinity and feminity.

To achieve these progressive goals that have not been agreed by the electorate or presented to them in any way, the Cathedral will use the same tactics it always does – propaganda, threats, obfuscation and lies. Central to this part of the system is the media which is nothing more then a branch of the Cathedral.

In this 1998 report there is an interesting summary of the Cathedral’s means of operation.

Education is a key target for gender equality as it involves the ways in which societies transfer norms, knowledge and skills. It is crucial that the education systems and all elements of these systems (teachers, schools, textbooks, research institutes and so on) empower both girls and boys, and take care in counterbalancing the existing gender hierarchies. Media professionals can be a target here too, as they have a very powerful position in the transfer and consolidation of norms and knowledge.”

Translated into non jargon, this means the Cathedral will target children with education, and adults through journalists, newspapers and TV.

The education has already begun in the UK and Europe, see here, here and here.

The media education has been well underway as well, see here, here, here.

To push the policy, pressure groups and NGOs (akin to fascist brown shirts) will be employed to act as

“watchdogs, making sure that gender equality as a goal and mainstreaming as strategy remain (high) on the political agenda.”

for examples of this, see here and here.

On a further post, I will highlight some of the ways in which this policy highlights how schizophrenic the western governmental system is, and how this policy is having massive unforeseen ramifications.