Gender Mainstreaming blowback

As I highlighted in my previous post, the media is acting in a social engineering role to push the hard left feminism being dumped on the UK by the EU. One major method is to make examples of people who are not in synch with the new gender equality ideology (message amplification).

Take for example this Daily Mail story regarding a minister’s aide who made negative comments regarding feminists. This is in no way a national story, however it is clear the newspaper has a remit to look for such incidents to blow out of proportion, and to make an example of the people involved. Or a more recent example is that of Richard Scudamore and his private emails.

Then we have the comments from a neuroscientist by the name of Gina Rippon who made a major statement regarding Male and Female brains being identical. Proffesor Rippon has stated that the male and female brain differs only due to the “drip,drip,drip” of gender stereotyping. This obviously is pure rubbish, and is not fact, but one of the ingrained tactics of the Cathedral is the use of “science” as a validator of ideology. Gina Rippon’s appallingly stupid theory is already being used to justify a boycott of reviewing gender specific literature by the Independent.

In addition to the nonsense regarding biological similarity between the sexes, another interesting development in Gender Mainstreaming is the reported presentation of a private members bill by Bill Cash, whos aim is to put gender equality at the heart of the UK government’s development aid.

Apparently there was

“Deep confusion in the Commons when Bill Cash, the famously Eurosceptic MP, went off piste and proposed a new law which had nothing to do with Europe”

This seems very noble of the right honorable Bill Cash, everyone’s favorite decade long EU and government rebel…except… the premise of gender equality being made central to foreign aid is part of the EU’s remit. So did Bill Cash dream this up himself in an extraordinary coincidence? Or did the Government request he put it forward as a private members bill as a means to hide its origin? I don’t think I need to answer that one, but this highlights the charade that is opposition government in the cathedral system, and gives a glimpse into how consciously aware they are of the mechanisms available. It also demonstrates the power behind foreign aid – the receiving countries were not consulted were they? where’s the democracy there progressives?

While this (obviously not EU linked [sarc]) action of Bill Cash may seem wonderful to the cathedralites, unfortunately, it appears to have serious ramifications which the media are either not reporting, or misrepresenting.

Take for example Nigeria and its recent law regarding banning same sex marriage, or Uganda’s outlawing of homosexuality, or how about Putin’s banning of homosexual propaganda?, or India’s re-banning of homosexuality? These all appeared at the same time, and I’m sure other countries around the world will follow suit. The media have pathetically tried to variously blame evangelical preachers, and colonialism to divert attention, but what seems to be clearly the root cause is the EU and the UN leading a push for gender deconstruction based on liberal creationism and a complete disregard of logic, science or reality.

It’s an example of a group within the Cathedral using their clout to push an issue.

It’s so bad, they have even halted loans designed for the Uganda health care system.

Gay marriage? or health care for sick people? – gay marriage wins hands down. That’s fucked up.

This, then, as I have discussed before, present a massive area of research for anti-cathedral study regardless of your position on gay marriage. It covers it all – NGOistan, public perception manipulation, aid-colonialism, military intervention on the basis of humanitarianism (R2P) – and it is running live as we speak.

The Techno-Industrial Class

In my opinion, philosophical ideas and political theory are forever constrained by the prevailing technologies and scientific knowledge of the age.

Darwin’s theory of evolution lent a deterministic evolutionary underpinning to Marxism embodied in the model of the material dialectic, whilst Nazism went even further and also took its framework into the realm of reproduction, race and hierarchy influenced by the natural world. (1)

Neo-Conservatism as far as I am concerned is nothing more then the harnessing of the same deterministic premise in the cause of claimed conservative goals, but it in reality represents a poor, pale imitation of Nazism, Fascism and Marxism, with a transparentattempt to skip back to Platonic and Hegelian philosophical routes to plagiarise the teleological undercurrents.

Prior to the influence of Darwin, the systems of governance – be they monarchical, Classical Liberal or despotic were continuously based on religious principal of the divine right of the monarch, the right of man (which in itself is equally as religiously based), or naked force.

With the advent of neo-reactionaries, what we are seeing is the rise of the influence of modern technology (and to a lesser degree- capitalistic organisations) in the form of computing software architecture and technological forms of anarchic connection and communication under the despotism of programs with no democratic oversight or “collective“ control – there is only one internet and we don’t vote on how it is run, same with regard to social networking sites (but we can decide to not use them). These technologies inform the developing sociopolitical theoretic models either subconsciously or consciously, and will continue to do so.

This awakening of the possibilities of formulating sociopolitical systems in models based on the elegance of computing systems in a hyper utilitarianism based on extreme competency and excellence of outcomes (this last point a potentially decadent infusion of consumerism?) has dovetailed with the elite’s refutation of democracy in the sudden acceleration of trans-national  “extra” democratic organisations practicing “shared sovereignty” and all other pathetic marketing terms for sclerotic crypto-Marxist forms of social manipulation of crowd psychology as a means to manufacture consent to create newrealities through the medium of message amplification (2), media-source symbiosis (3) and continual on message morality tales (4).

Could it be argued that a techno-industrial class (5) is emerging in the same manner as the Askenazim emerged as a lending class within feudalism and monarchies, and the middle class who emerged with the stirrings of capitalism? And is neoreactionaryism the first expression of this class of technologically literate, geographically disparate, multi-national (but not internationalist) class?

Are we witnessing the first palpable social power grouping created by the internet and hyper connectivity?

I believe so.

(1) I refuse to treat Nazism and the works of Hitler as being beyond discussion, and I refuse to add any addendum to the effect of “whilst I don’t advocate Hitler etc” as to do so is akin slipping on a dog collar and kissing the ring of Liberal Progressivism and it’s conservative variants.

(2) I define “message amplification” as being the mechanism of making high profile examples of individuals or groups as a means to alter the norms of the public, as practiced by the current system coined “the cathedral”. Examples include the repeated highlighting and public punishment of people termed racist, as well as people now deemed sexist orhomophobic. This process is very much enacted in line with specific powerrequirements and is very much a conscious action.

(3) I define “media-source symbiosis” as the mechanism by which journalist and government officials become symbiotically dependent by means of the privileged position the media enjoys as a result of access to inside sources. This is highlighted by Moldbug in a number of posts. A practical example is cited in this article.

(4) The consistent propaganda issued via television shows, film and written media is all pervasive. I take the reader to be a neoreactionary, so this will not need explaining.

(5) I have coined this “techno-industrial class” as I have been unable to locate a similar term for this clear grouping, which I believe has proven to be a result of the current technology. I am currently unaware if a similar observation has been made by other people.

The Cathedral in Action

A staple of Neo-Reactionary thought is the belief, or should I really say observation, that there is no real democracy. The social political system of the modern world consists of the media, civil service and the university system, and collectively they are termed the Cathedral. The politicians are mere window dressing, they have zero influence on anything, but are present to give the illusion of democracy in the same manner in which the Roman senate existed despite the power really being in the hands of the Emperor.

This Cathederal is populated by people who are liberal progressive. The system self selects people of this type, who then design constantly more and more progressive policies and decisions which are implemented without democratic oversight. The Cathedral is impervious to change. Any politician who does manage to get elected and attempts to combat the Cathedral fails because the only way is to liquidate the entire structure.

It is called the Cathederal, because it is also a tenant of Neo-Reactionary thought that the liberal progressive is in effect a Calvinist atheist Christian sect. The entire belief system of the liberal progressive is in effect hyper atheist Protestantism, only with some minor, but devastating, differences which I will discuss in another post.

In summary, liberal progressiveness and all it’s variants is a religion. The media, civil service and university system is its cathedral.

To demonstrate the Cathedral in action, I want to highlight a funny little term called Gender Mainstreaming.
diversity gender equalityGender Mainstreaming is fundamentally an international policy of trying to force the acceptance, normalization and goals of feminists and gender ideologues onto the populace. The policy includes homosexual marriage, female equality, transgender normalization and alteration of what is considered correct gender behavior. It has been designed by university and government “intellectual experts” at the United Nations and the worlds university systems, and has been co-ordinated and disseminated by the UN, EU and the USA. Consider this UN, EU, USA government triumvirate as the St Peter’s Basilica to the national Cathedrals.

This particular example of the Cathedral in action began in 1995 at the UN’s Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing with the introduction of “Gender mainstreaming” as a policy goal.  This was followed up on the 21 February 1996 with the EU Commission issuing a communication detailing their adherence.

Since this date, there have been numerous reports and plans conducted by both the UN and EU, which appear to have culminated on 1 May 1999 with the Treaty of Amsterdam in which a binding legal basis for the strategy of Gender Mainstreaming at EU level was introduced by an amendment to article 3 of the Treaty of Maasstricht 1992.

The amendment (see page 23) states that

“In all the activities referred to in this Article, the Community shall aim to eliminate inequalities, and to promote equality, between men and women”

This is complemented by an amendment to article 2 of the Treaty of Maastricht, which states

“The Community shall have as its task, by establishing a common market and an economic and monetary union and by implementing common policies or activities referred to in Articles 3 and 4, to promote throughout the Community”

According to a 1998 Council of Europe Report the aim of Gender Mainstreaming is

“the (re)organisation, improvement, development and evaluation of policy processes. Gender mainstreaming is a political process as well as a technical one. It involves new ways of devising and approaching policies, shifts in organisational or in institutional culture and will lead to changes in societal structures”

Societal structure would include marriage and the family. They are seeking to alter what it means to be a man, woman, husband and mother. In the relevant literature, this is referred to as “transformation”, in which there are new standards for everyone replacing the segregated institutions and standards associated with masculinity and feminity.

To achieve these progressive goals that have not been agreed by the electorate or presented to them in any way, the Cathedral will use the same tactics it always does – propaganda, threats, obfuscation and lies. Central to this part of the system is the media which is nothing more then a branch of the Cathedral.

In this 1998 report there is an interesting summary of the Cathedral’s means of operation.

Education is a key target for gender equality as it involves the ways in which societies transfer norms, knowledge and skills. It is crucial that the education systems and all elements of these systems (teachers, schools, textbooks, research institutes and so on) empower both girls and boys, and take care in counterbalancing the existing gender hierarchies. Media professionals can be a target here too, as they have a very powerful position in the transfer and consolidation of norms and knowledge.”

Translated into non jargon, this means the Cathedral will target children with education, and adults through journalists, newspapers and TV.

The education has already begun in the UK and Europe, see here, here and here.

The media education has been well underway as well, see here, here, here.

To push the policy, pressure groups and NGOs (akin to fascist brown shirts) will be employed to act as

“watchdogs, making sure that gender equality as a goal and mainstreaming as strategy remain (high) on the political agenda.”

for examples of this, see here and here.

On a further post, I will highlight some of the ways in which this policy highlights how schizophrenic the western governmental system is, and how this policy is having massive unforeseen ramifications.

Homosexuality as a Result Of the Pathogen

There are lots of instances where pathogens create behavioral changes in animals.

One of the authors of this blog cites the example of a toxoplasma which causes mice to become sexually attracted to cat urine, but apparently there are a lot of other examples. Off the top of my head, I know of a species of fungus which hijacks the brains of insects in the Thailand rainforests, directs them to go high up into the tree tops, and then forces them to grip the leaves with their mandibles (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis). The insects then die and the fungus feeds off the carcass. The resultant spores become more effectively dispersed given the new found height of the fungus.

On another post, the author even suggests such pathogens, or parasites, could be a factor in animal domestication. The premise being that wild species with a toxin, or parasite like tapeworm, develops an unusual docility, or warmth towards humans in the same way the mice did to cat urine – these then become prime candidates for domestication. There is also the potential that the Flu makes us more social as a way of increasing infection rates.

Homosexuality demonstrates no Mendelian heredity; and homosexuality makes no sense as a genetic survival trait. This is eventually going to have to be dealt with by our liberal-progressive society as their whole bogus belief system is based on the claim of rationality. The human being is either an animal subject to the same rules as the Animal Kingdom and therefore homosexuality is a result of something going seriously biologically astray, or, humans are not subject to the same laws of nature in the liberal-progressive model, and they will have to finally admit their belief system is rooted in a belief in the supernatural.

The only escape route I can see, is a complete submersion of any science around the issue, and reliance on religious devotion to the present b*ll*cks beliefs (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil). That, and utter false nonsense being spouted by anthropology experts e.g a tribe in papa new guinea once had a gay man babysit for a bit and this demonstrates human eusociality – as if human society is comparable to a termite mound.

Modern anthropology is clearly an utter joke. Apparently one of the more eminent among them tried to link Catalhoyuk with modern Wiccans. Words fail me.

Expect more of the nutters to come out of the woodwork to back up equality based on a non existent human behavior from 3,000+ years ago that they can’t prove. Especially given the current Gender Mainstreaming process effecting the world. Thanks UN, USA and EU.

Thanks a lot.

On a further note, I highly recommend the West Hunter Blog. Every post is fascinating.