A Troublesome Inheritance

One of the central tenets of the liberal progressives system, if not the single most important part, is that man is a blank slate at birth. This, in effect, turns Man into God. Man therefore creates Man (nurture). This fundamentally results in the mind, and the person becoming a thing of supernatural essence (a thing created from nothing). It is what categorically exposes the religiosity of the liberal progressive.

The central effect of this is the fanatical belief in equality. Not equality of opportunity, but solid, unyielding equality of the person beneath the skin. Beneath the skin of the man or woman, science breaks down and the mystical takes over.

Take gender for example, despite the very obvious fact that men have a XY chromosome pair, and women have an XX chromosome pair, feminist sub- cult segments of the progressive religion assert that there is no difference between men and women.  All sections of the progressive religion now claim that the brain does not differ between thesexes, and nor does it differ between races. The human brain is in effect a kernal of immanence. The line from which this can be drawn is from Spinoza, through Hegel , Marx and then all the various idiots of the post-structuralists, post-moderist, neo-marxist etc schools of “thought”. This is paralleled in the Rousseau and Quaker/ Protestant traditions.

As an ideology which claims to be steeped in reason and science, this is unacceptable. You cannot claim your strength and legitimacy as being anti irrationality and anti theology, whilst failing to acknowledge the function of genetics and inheritance of behavior.

With regard to homosexuality, I have previously discussed how the failure to even acknowledge the central importance of reproduction in a discussion of it is beyond ridiculous. Now, with regard to race, the release of  A troublesome inheritance is helping to expose the inherent ridiculousness of claiming all of humanity is identical apart from superficial differences.

From Tibetans who have develop greater ability to survive at high altitudes, to the spread of lactose tolerance, the human race is varied and has been subject to localised selection pressure (and is still being subjected to selection pressures).

One of the more interesting manners in which these differences are expressed is in the area of intelligence. As you can see from this following map, the differences in average IQ are pronounced.

Race and IQThis difference is largely expressed in economic performance and civilisational complexity. To be sure, there are other factors in play such as kinship structures, but IQ is king. This is not to say all member of a racial group have the same IQ – it’s a matter of statistics. As the bell curve shifts towards a higher mean intelligence, a larger proportion of the population will be represented in the higher IQ thresholds. As Cochrane et al explain with the example of the Ashkenazim Jews in The 10,000 year explosion

“For example, if the mean northern European IQ is 100, the mean Ashkenazi IQ is 110, and the standard deviation in both populations is 15, then the number of northern Europeans with IQs greater than 140 should be 4 per 1000, whereas 23 per 1,000 Ashkenazim should exceed the same threshold, about a sixfold difference”


iQ test EUSo while the average IQ of the Indian sub continent is 81 according to Lynn and Vanhanen in IQ and the wealth of nations, this does not mean all Indians have an IQ of 81; this is merely the mean. It means a lower proportion of these groups will be represented in the higher thresholds. But they are represented (and the case of India is very much complicated).

However, this average difference between groups is so pronounced that the leftist have created industries which feed off it. Their claims that low IQ is caused by poverty is a case of claiming wet streets cause rain (someone forgot to tell China), their claims that poverty is the result of racism, and the subsequent targeting of economically successful groups (white males in particular) is nothing short of a 21st century version of the blood libel/ Nazi Jew conspiracy.

The fear from some quarters regarding the danger if this knowledge became accepted in the mainstream is not misplaced. The danger would not be from people now labelled as “racists” but actually from the very same people who have accepted the lies fed by our society en mass regarding the rainbow nations being created through mass immigration. All those who fanatically cheer multiculturalism despite its clear faults, all who clamp down on any news story depicting ethnic minorities as anything other then angels, all those who manically chase “racists” to the ends of the earth – these people have atrocities in their veins. To quote Voltaire –

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”

The same mass of people who were susceptible to the excess of religion, were susceptible to the excesses of socialism, and now the excesses of liberalism and it’s attendant anti-racist ideologies. These anti-racist ideologies are based on absurdity, and the Human Biodiversity (HBD) school of thought is making this more abundantly clear with each passing day.

I can only propose that some form of psychometric testing is conducted to isolate those among society who are susceptible to the hive mind, mob behaviour and to irrational beliefs in absolutes (racial purity, class dissolution, equality etc). Disenfranchisement of these sections of the populace and a bar on entry, or involvement in any way, in politics and policy is vital for all sections of society. The other option is a complete removal of democracy and it’s mob corralling nature, as race differences are a very easy subject for the mob leaders to mobilise the mob around.

Homosexuality as a Result Of the Pathogen

There are lots of instances where pathogens create behavioral changes in animals.

One of the authors of this blog cites the example of a toxoplasma which causes mice to become sexually attracted to cat urine, but apparently there are a lot of other examples. Off the top of my head, I know of a species of fungus which hijacks the brains of insects in the Thailand rainforests, directs them to go high up into the tree tops, and then forces them to grip the leaves with their mandibles (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis). The insects then die and the fungus feeds off the carcass. The resultant spores become more effectively dispersed given the new found height of the fungus.

On another post, the author even suggests such pathogens, or parasites, could be a factor in animal domestication. The premise being that wild species with a toxin, or parasite like tapeworm, develops an unusual docility, or warmth towards humans in the same way the mice did to cat urine – these then become prime candidates for domestication. There is also the potential that the Flu makes us more social as a way of increasing infection rates.

Homosexuality demonstrates no Mendelian heredity; and homosexuality makes no sense as a genetic survival trait. This is eventually going to have to be dealt with by our liberal-progressive society as their whole bogus belief system is based on the claim of rationality. The human being is either an animal subject to the same rules as the Animal Kingdom and therefore homosexuality is a result of something going seriously biologically astray, or, humans are not subject to the same laws of nature in the liberal-progressive model, and they will have to finally admit their belief system is rooted in a belief in the supernatural.

The only escape route I can see, is a complete submersion of any science around the issue, and reliance on religious devotion to the present b*ll*cks beliefs (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil). That, and utter false nonsense being spouted by anthropology experts e.g a tribe in papa new guinea once had a gay man babysit for a bit and this demonstrates human eusociality – as if human society is comparable to a termite mound.

Modern anthropology is clearly an utter joke. Apparently one of the more eminent among them tried to link Catalhoyuk with modern Wiccans. Words fail me.

Expect more of the nutters to come out of the woodwork to back up equality based on a non existent human behavior from 3,000+ years ago that they can’t prove. Especially given the current Gender Mainstreaming process effecting the world. Thanks UN, USA and EU.

Thanks a lot.

On a further note, I highly recommend the West Hunter Blog. Every post is fascinating.