The Techno-Industrial Class

In my opinion, philosophical ideas and political theory are forever constrained by the prevailing technologies and scientific knowledge of the age.

Darwin’s theory of evolution lent a deterministic evolutionary underpinning to Marxism embodied in the model of the material dialectic, whilst Nazism went even further and also took its framework into the realm of reproduction, race and hierarchy influenced by the natural world. (1)

Neo-Conservatism as far as I am concerned is nothing more then the harnessing of the same deterministic premise in the cause of claimed conservative goals, but it in reality represents a poor, pale imitation of Nazism, Fascism and Marxism, with a transparentattempt to skip back to Platonic and Hegelian philosophical routes to plagiarise the teleological undercurrents.

Prior to the influence of Darwin, the systems of governance – be they monarchical, Classical Liberal or despotic were continuously based on religious principal of the divine right of the monarch, the right of man (which in itself is equally as religiously based), or naked force.

With the advent of neo-reactionaries, what we are seeing is the rise of the influence of modern technology (and to a lesser degree- capitalistic organisations) in the form of computing software architecture and technological forms of anarchic connection and communication under the despotism of programs with no democratic oversight or “collective“ control – there is only one internet and we don’t vote on how it is run, same with regard to social networking sites (but we can decide to not use them). These technologies inform the developing sociopolitical theoretic models either subconsciously or consciously, and will continue to do so.

This awakening of the possibilities of formulating sociopolitical systems in models based on the elegance of computing systems in a hyper utilitarianism based on extreme competency and excellence of outcomes (this last point a potentially decadent infusion of consumerism?) has dovetailed with the elite’s refutation of democracy in the sudden acceleration of trans-national  “extra” democratic organisations practicing “shared sovereignty” and all other pathetic marketing terms for sclerotic crypto-Marxist forms of social manipulation of crowd psychology as a means to manufacture consent to create newrealities through the medium of message amplification (2), media-source symbiosis (3) and continual on message morality tales (4).

Could it be argued that a techno-industrial class (5) is emerging in the same manner as the Askenazim emerged as a lending class within feudalism and monarchies, and the middle class who emerged with the stirrings of capitalism? And is neoreactionaryism the first expression of this class of technologically literate, geographically disparate, multi-national (but not internationalist) class?

Are we witnessing the first palpable social power grouping created by the internet and hyper connectivity?

I believe so.

(1) I refuse to treat Nazism and the works of Hitler as being beyond discussion, and I refuse to add any addendum to the effect of “whilst I don’t advocate Hitler etc” as to do so is akin slipping on a dog collar and kissing the ring of Liberal Progressivism and it’s conservative variants.

(2) I define “message amplification” as being the mechanism of making high profile examples of individuals or groups as a means to alter the norms of the public, as practiced by the current system coined “the cathedral”. Examples include the repeated highlighting and public punishment of people termed racist, as well as people now deemed sexist orhomophobic. This process is very much enacted in line with specific powerrequirements and is very much a conscious action.

(3) I define “media-source symbiosis” as the mechanism by which journalist and government officials become symbiotically dependent by means of the privileged position the media enjoys as a result of access to inside sources. This is highlighted by Moldbug in a number of posts. A practical example is cited in this article.

(4) The consistent propaganda issued via television shows, film and written media is all pervasive. I take the reader to be a neoreactionary, so this will not need explaining.

(5) I have coined this “techno-industrial class” as I have been unable to locate a similar term for this clear grouping, which I believe has proven to be a result of the current technology. I am currently unaware if a similar observation has been made by other people.

A Troublesome Inheritance

One of the central tenets of the liberal progressives system, if not the single most important part, is that man is a blank slate at birth. This, in effect, turns Man into God. Man therefore creates Man (nurture). This fundamentally results in the mind, and the person becoming a thing of supernatural essence (a thing created from nothing). It is what categorically exposes the religiosity of the liberal progressive.

The central effect of this is the fanatical belief in equality. Not equality of opportunity, but solid, unyielding equality of the person beneath the skin. Beneath the skin of the man or woman, science breaks down and the mystical takes over.

Take gender for example, despite the very obvious fact that men have a XY chromosome pair, and women have an XX chromosome pair, feminist sub- cult segments of the progressive religion assert that there is no difference between men and women.  All sections of the progressive religion now claim that the brain does not differ between thesexes, and nor does it differ between races. The human brain is in effect a kernal of immanence. The line from which this can be drawn is from Spinoza, through Hegel , Marx and then all the various idiots of the post-structuralists, post-moderist, neo-marxist etc schools of “thought”. This is paralleled in the Rousseau and Quaker/ Protestant traditions.

As an ideology which claims to be steeped in reason and science, this is unacceptable. You cannot claim your strength and legitimacy as being anti irrationality and anti theology, whilst failing to acknowledge the function of genetics and inheritance of behavior.

With regard to homosexuality, I have previously discussed how the failure to even acknowledge the central importance of reproduction in a discussion of it is beyond ridiculous. Now, with regard to race, the release of  A troublesome inheritance is helping to expose the inherent ridiculousness of claiming all of humanity is identical apart from superficial differences.

From Tibetans who have develop greater ability to survive at high altitudes, to the spread of lactose tolerance, the human race is varied and has been subject to localised selection pressure (and is still being subjected to selection pressures).

One of the more interesting manners in which these differences are expressed is in the area of intelligence. As you can see from this following map, the differences in average IQ are pronounced.

Race and IQThis difference is largely expressed in economic performance and civilisational complexity. To be sure, there are other factors in play such as kinship structures, but IQ is king. This is not to say all member of a racial group have the same IQ – it’s a matter of statistics. As the bell curve shifts towards a higher mean intelligence, a larger proportion of the population will be represented in the higher IQ thresholds. As Cochrane et al explain with the example of the Ashkenazim Jews in The 10,000 year explosion

“For example, if the mean northern European IQ is 100, the mean Ashkenazi IQ is 110, and the standard deviation in both populations is 15, then the number of northern Europeans with IQs greater than 140 should be 4 per 1000, whereas 23 per 1,000 Ashkenazim should exceed the same threshold, about a sixfold difference”


iQ test EUSo while the average IQ of the Indian sub continent is 81 according to Lynn and Vanhanen in IQ and the wealth of nations, this does not mean all Indians have an IQ of 81; this is merely the mean. It means a lower proportion of these groups will be represented in the higher thresholds. But they are represented (and the case of India is very much complicated).

However, this average difference between groups is so pronounced that the leftist have created industries which feed off it. Their claims that low IQ is caused by poverty is a case of claiming wet streets cause rain (someone forgot to tell China), their claims that poverty is the result of racism, and the subsequent targeting of economically successful groups (white males in particular) is nothing short of a 21st century version of the blood libel/ Nazi Jew conspiracy.

The fear from some quarters regarding the danger if this knowledge became accepted in the mainstream is not misplaced. The danger would not be from people now labelled as “racists” but actually from the very same people who have accepted the lies fed by our society en mass regarding the rainbow nations being created through mass immigration. All those who fanatically cheer multiculturalism despite its clear faults, all who clamp down on any news story depicting ethnic minorities as anything other then angels, all those who manically chase “racists” to the ends of the earth – these people have atrocities in their veins. To quote Voltaire –

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”

The same mass of people who were susceptible to the excess of religion, were susceptible to the excesses of socialism, and now the excesses of liberalism and it’s attendant anti-racist ideologies. These anti-racist ideologies are based on absurdity, and the Human Biodiversity (HBD) school of thought is making this more abundantly clear with each passing day.

I can only propose that some form of psychometric testing is conducted to isolate those among society who are susceptible to the hive mind, mob behaviour and to irrational beliefs in absolutes (racial purity, class dissolution, equality etc). Disenfranchisement of these sections of the populace and a bar on entry, or involvement in any way, in politics and policy is vital for all sections of society. The other option is a complete removal of democracy and it’s mob corralling nature, as race differences are a very easy subject for the mob leaders to mobilise the mob around.

The Eight Circle Of Hell Is Calling

Out of nowhere a book by a French academic called Thomas Piketty has taken the world by storm. The intelligentsia are in uproar due to the unquantifiable genius of his book ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’.

Except it’s fraud. Absolute, unmitigated, fraud.

Inferno CantoNo one really cares about some French economist. But there are some sections of society which obviously wants us to think so, and a concerted effort has been made to make the book go viral. Newspaper editors have taken their cue from the experts in academia and the civil services, they have commissioned articles, drummed up publicity – the advertising campaign has gone into overdrive.

But this is how the Cathedral operates. The Mob needs to be corralled. The Mob needs to be made to think that they were the ones clamouring for equality, taxes and assorted progressiveness. Crowd psychology manipulation par excellence. Other’s have called it “manufacturing consent”.

To understand the fraud at work, we need to go back in time to shortly after the 2008 financial crisis.

You see, the 2008 financial crisis was not resolved, it is still with us. Worse than that, the Federal reserve and the assorted central banks made it far worse.

You may recall words like QE, forward guidance and other such silly terms being thrown around and may have become confused as to what has happened, but it is really simple. For decades the USA and assorted economies have been operating on a basis of encouraging borrowing with ever lower interest rates to fund consumerism on credit. They have encourage mortgage lending at increasing levels to drive up the asset price of housing thus allowing the consumer to utilise the increasing value of their property to tap into the unsecured portion of the equity to raise additional secured borrowing. All of this borrowing creates money (the loans actually are money creation) which increases liquidity.

There is a couple of flaws to this system which would be hilarious if they were happening elsewhere. Among the more egregious include the facts that this has occurred at the same time in which a) jobs where off shored and b) mass immigration was enacted, both of which reduce the income of the home holders by virtue of a) moving their jobs to another country without replacing it and b) driving down the wages of what jobs are still available due to increased competition.  The income levels of the lower and middle class have, unsurprisingly, stagnated, and/ or decreased (especially when you deduct the extra income virtue of borrowing!).

So far so good, but the worlds central banks have only one mode of action – keep flogging the horse. Keep pumping up the assets values, keep encouraging liquidity in the system even if there is no demand for liquidity (like pushing on a string).

Lending for mortgages reached saturation point, so once all the people who could afford a mortgage had one, the show had to keep going. This is where the FEDs stupidity in the USA dovetailed with the race grievance industry. NINJA loans where exacerbated byenforced loans to minorities with no real income to address inequality.

Now that this orgy of idiocy was descending into ever decreasing circles of madness, the financial services industry was busy replicating a scam from 1719 France by repackaging unpayable mortgage debts as AAA rated securities.

At this point, you may have come to the conclusion that the mortgages debt would not get paid, and would default. You would be right. The system collapsed, and the interconnected financial institutions began to implode due to holding unsalvageable debt.

To cut to the end, the reaction to all of this was to do the following two actions.

1)      Bail out every failing financial institution to stop the rot spreading.

2)      Begin the asset inflation again to get the consumer borrowing.

Step one was done via the tax payer. Step two has been conducted by reducing interest rates to near zero and printing money to buy government bonds from financial institutions such as pension companies (QE!), and via bond brokers (the USA government is unable to directly buy their own debt so must sell it, then buy it second hand from the brokers (free commission for the brokers!). This has placed large amounts of cash into the system, which is sloshing around looking for yield/ interest to replace the yield it was obtaining from being locked up in the US government bonds. The stock markets are the primarily beneficiaries of this bizarre situation.

The significance of this sorry story is that the people likely to hold assets (stocks, property etc) which the Government of the world have been inflating on purpose are likely to be in the higher wealth bracket. The lower and middle class are less likely to hold assets, and rely on interest from their saving (remember the near zero interest rates reducing this income?) and wages (remember the off shoring and increased immigration reducing the wages?).

This brings us back to the beginning of this piece – Thomas Pikkety. Not only is his work clearly, for want of a better word, retarded, but its popularity is as fake as is possible to imagine.

Humorously, some (here and here and here for example) have noticed this disingenuous situation, and having stumble over something significant, they pick them selves up, dust them selves off and keep walking with their liberal prejudices and bigotry unblemished.

The whole premise of Pikkety’s work, that more taxes are needed has been percolating in the upper echelons of the world progressive systems for some time (skip to page 49 of thisreport). They have the game plan set, they have the motive, and they have the means. Wealth taxes, property taxes, world financial organisation – all of these power grabs are coming to save the financially bankrupt liberal progressive systems.

The dry run has already been conducted in Cyprus and bail ins will be enacted. Wealth taxes of anything up to 30% of assets will be conducted to remove the government’s debt.

This is why Pikkety has been thrust to the status of rock star. Like Keynes and Krugman, Pikkety is doing what all good little academics must do – tell the Cathedral what it wants to hear, or rather as Mises stated regarding Keynes in ‘planning for freedom’ –

“What he really did was write an apology for the prevailing policies of the government’.

It is not just the field of philosophy that prostitutes itself to the state as Schopenhauer bemoaned in ‘parerga and paralipomena’. It’s the whole edifice, lock, stock and barrel.

This is why Pikkety is being paraded on the shoulder of the liberal elite. He just rubber stamped their idiocy with the sheen of science that dazzles and awes the mob like a powerful preacher. The liberal vanguard of the mob have now been educated in what the Cathedral is seeking, the right thinking people now know what is to be defined as “right”. They will go forth and write ever more gushing articles, talk within fashionable circles about the evils of the “rich” and drag the discourse in the direction of least resistance and pull which ever parts of the mob they communicate to in the right direction – more progressiveness, more looting.

income inequalityPikkety is the vanguard of the manufacturing of consent. Inequality is the simple image that excites and animates the mob.


You have to keep it simple for the democracy mob.

Canvas And It’s Fingers In All The Pie

To spread liberal democracy, it is current strategy of the US government to export “peaceful” colour revolutions to regimes which are on their hit list. This is not a particularly new observation; however today I would like to present a section of the USA revolution export team – CANVAS (also known as Optor).

bandera usa optorCANVAS, or rather the ‘Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies’ according to their website is a

“non-profit, non-governmental, international network, orientated to educational work related to strategic nonviolent conflict.”

A better description would be “democratic” agitators who disseminate pre-warfare protest strategies to countries which are in “need” of democracy, and crucially are in opposition to US and EU interests.

Luckily the Wikileaks releases included a large amount of emails from a private intelligence organisation in the USA called Stratfor which highlights the role of CANVAS.

The USA clearly directed CANVAS to organise pro-democracy protests with “liberal demonstrators” against a democratically elected government in the Ukraine.

Other areas that CANVAS are active include Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Myanmar, Georgia, Lithuania, Belarus, Thailand and Iran. I’m sure a look into all student revolutions in the past 10 years will show their influence.

Other nations such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc which have royal families are obviously not targeted, given they are on the USA’s good side.

This democracy spreading always tends to end with the replacement of effective organised government with utter ruin and bloodshed. I’m sure all the death, rape and chaos are worth the privilege of voting for Cathedral stooges, and the boom in job opportunities for liberal development assistants, NGOs and charities to  civilize the natives with Jeffersonian democracy and pious progressive liberalism.

Here is an exert from an article about CANVAS which I find sums up the sorry situation regarding the spread of these revolutions.

Funny McDonald“But Otpor’s founders realized that young people would participate in politics — if it made them feel heroic and cool, part of something big. It was postmodern revolution. “Our product is a lifestyle,” Marovic explained to me. “The movement isn’t about the issues. It’s about my identity. We’re trying to make politics sexy.”…And if the organization took inspiration from Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., it also took cues from Coca-Cola, with its simple, powerful message and strong brand. Otpor’s own logo was a stylized clenched fist – an ironic, mocking expropriation of the symbol of the Serb Partisans in World War II, and of communist movements everywhere.”

A final salient point regarding CANVAS, it that it appears funding is now coming specifically from private sources, following the cutting of direct US government funding for all pro-Democracy groups. One can only speculate what the Billionaires funding CANVAS get from the US Government for this little arrangement.

The Cathedral in Action

A staple of Neo-Reactionary thought is the belief, or should I really say observation, that there is no real democracy. The social political system of the modern world consists of the media, civil service and the university system, and collectively they are termed the Cathedral. The politicians are mere window dressing, they have zero influence on anything, but are present to give the illusion of democracy in the same manner in which the Roman senate existed despite the power really being in the hands of the Emperor.

This Cathederal is populated by people who are liberal progressive. The system self selects people of this type, who then design constantly more and more progressive policies and decisions which are implemented without democratic oversight. The Cathedral is impervious to change. Any politician who does manage to get elected and attempts to combat the Cathedral fails because the only way is to liquidate the entire structure.

It is called the Cathederal, because it is also a tenant of Neo-Reactionary thought that the liberal progressive is in effect a Calvinist atheist Christian sect. The entire belief system of the liberal progressive is in effect hyper atheist Protestantism, only with some minor, but devastating, differences which I will discuss in another post.

In summary, liberal progressiveness and all it’s variants is a religion. The media, civil service and university system is its cathedral.

To demonstrate the Cathedral in action, I want to highlight a funny little term called Gender Mainstreaming.
diversity gender equalityGender Mainstreaming is fundamentally an international policy of trying to force the acceptance, normalization and goals of feminists and gender ideologues onto the populace. The policy includes homosexual marriage, female equality, transgender normalization and alteration of what is considered correct gender behavior. It has been designed by university and government “intellectual experts” at the United Nations and the worlds university systems, and has been co-ordinated and disseminated by the UN, EU and the USA. Consider this UN, EU, USA government triumvirate as the St Peter’s Basilica to the national Cathedrals.

This particular example of the Cathedral in action began in 1995 at the UN’s Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing with the introduction of “Gender mainstreaming” as a policy goal.  This was followed up on the 21 February 1996 with the EU Commission issuing a communication detailing their adherence.

Since this date, there have been numerous reports and plans conducted by both the UN and EU, which appear to have culminated on 1 May 1999 with the Treaty of Amsterdam in which a binding legal basis for the strategy of Gender Mainstreaming at EU level was introduced by an amendment to article 3 of the Treaty of Maasstricht 1992.

The amendment (see page 23) states that

“In all the activities referred to in this Article, the Community shall aim to eliminate inequalities, and to promote equality, between men and women”

This is complemented by an amendment to article 2 of the Treaty of Maastricht, which states

“The Community shall have as its task, by establishing a common market and an economic and monetary union and by implementing common policies or activities referred to in Articles 3 and 4, to promote throughout the Community”

According to a 1998 Council of Europe Report the aim of Gender Mainstreaming is

“the (re)organisation, improvement, development and evaluation of policy processes. Gender mainstreaming is a political process as well as a technical one. It involves new ways of devising and approaching policies, shifts in organisational or in institutional culture and will lead to changes in societal structures”

Societal structure would include marriage and the family. They are seeking to alter what it means to be a man, woman, husband and mother. In the relevant literature, this is referred to as “transformation”, in which there are new standards for everyone replacing the segregated institutions and standards associated with masculinity and feminity.

To achieve these progressive goals that have not been agreed by the electorate or presented to them in any way, the Cathedral will use the same tactics it always does – propaganda, threats, obfuscation and lies. Central to this part of the system is the media which is nothing more then a branch of the Cathedral.

In this 1998 report there is an interesting summary of the Cathedral’s means of operation.

Education is a key target for gender equality as it involves the ways in which societies transfer norms, knowledge and skills. It is crucial that the education systems and all elements of these systems (teachers, schools, textbooks, research institutes and so on) empower both girls and boys, and take care in counterbalancing the existing gender hierarchies. Media professionals can be a target here too, as they have a very powerful position in the transfer and consolidation of norms and knowledge.”

Translated into non jargon, this means the Cathedral will target children with education, and adults through journalists, newspapers and TV.

The education has already begun in the UK and Europe, see here, here and here.

The media education has been well underway as well, see here, here, here.

To push the policy, pressure groups and NGOs (akin to fascist brown shirts) will be employed to act as

“watchdogs, making sure that gender equality as a goal and mainstreaming as strategy remain (high) on the political agenda.”

for examples of this, see here and here.

On a further post, I will highlight some of the ways in which this policy highlights how schizophrenic the western governmental system is, and how this policy is having massive unforeseen ramifications.

Electoral Bribery – How Far Can It Go?


Greek EconomyOn the 9 April 2014 the Greek Government raised £2.4 Billion in a bond auction.

On the 22 April 2014 the Greek Government announced a budget surplus of £2 Billion would be distributed as “social dividends“. This surplus claim seems slightly unbelievable.

The Greeks have a debt to GDP ratio of171.8% as of Q3 of 2013. Their unemployment rate was 27.4% as of September 2013. Their GDP has been in contraction since 2008. There is no sign or hope for growth. The only reason they were able to borrow is because the ECB are covering the loans.

The Greeks being able to borrow on the bond market is a sick joke, the fact they have used this borrowing to bribe voters prior to the 22 May 2014 European elections takes the EU farce to new levels.

The stench of corruption and lies from the whole EU project is overwhelming.

21st Century Peloponnesian War

Devil SpartanI think it is safe to say that if Thucydides was alive today, his views on the current situation in the Ukraine would be enlightening. His first acknowledgement would clearly be to ridicule the claim that any it is about democracy, self determination, terrorism or any of the other silly reasons trotted out ad nauseam.

Looking at ‘The History of the Peloponnesian war‘ we can see an analogous event in the issues surrounding the Athenian actions in the Corinth–Corcyra conflict, which led to the reopening of hostilities between Athens and Sparta. In fact Russia makes a very good analogue for Sparta in this incident, and the USA  for Athens (with the Delian league being quite comfortably the EU).

Thucydides makes it clear that Athens decision to back Corcyra in this conflict was not based on anything such as honour, democracy, humanitarianism etc. Had it been, then Athens would have sided with Corinth. Corinth (a member of the Spartan league), had previously assisted Athens by voting against war with Athens. The Corcyrians were also technically the aggressors in the Epidamnus issue having besieged the city on behalf of an expelled group, who were anti-democratic. Instead, according to Thucydides, Athens made the decision based on the following points

1)      Corcyra was on the sea route to Italy, and more importantly – Sicily. As such, Corcyra was a major strategic prize as an ally. From Corcyra you could dominate this sea route.

2)     The Corcyrian Navy was powerful, and would be a far better ally then an enemy.

3)     The war between Athens and Sparta was only a matter of time given their competing interests, and mutual suspicions. Two big dogs in a small park will eventually fight. If you don’t believe this, then recall the vote in which Corinth halted war against Athens.

Athens chose Corcyra for reasons of realpolitik. Not for reasons of sentimentality. It’s not that hard to understand really. Corcyra offered strategic benefits in the form of a naval ally and access to strategically important ground. This was important in relation to the bigger picture – war with the Spartan league.

Here is a map of ancient Greece prior to the Peloponnesian war complete with the territorial influence of Athens and Sparta mapped out. (Corcyra is the island Kerkyra, Corinth is Korinth – click on it to expand)


People WarNote the Greeks used Triremes, so they had to hug the coast and make short bursts across open sea. Hence the importance of Corcyra. The ship routes are the lines in red and blue.

So why does the average person in anyway think that the Ukraine is about democracy, or any of the other silly reasons? People over 2,000 years ago figured out this was utter bunk.

Taking this rationale to the present time, what would Thucydides have made of the situation in the Ukraine?

I think he would have come to the following conclusions.

1)      The Ukraine contained the port of Sevastopol which is the only major warm water base Russians had access to. The strategic prize from removing this from the Russians would have been immense. The removal of the port from Russian access would be immediately beneficial in relation to the situation in Syria. Here is a map of the black sea region complete with Sevastopol highlighted. .

Sevastopol Map2)     War with Russia is inevitable given the energy situation of the USA, EU and the mistrust engendered by Russia’s increasing strength. Positioning prior to this eventuality is vital.

3)     The removal of the Ukraine from Russian influence would hurt the popularity and prestige of the Russian establishment. This would facilitate the eventual balkanisation of Russia.

Most of the above is fairly understandable, however the inclusion of Syria may need a little explanation.

As with the Athenians and Spartan issue, there are short term strategic goals, and longer term strategic goals.

The long term strategic goal is the dismemberment of the enemies alliances and power bases. For the Athenians this would be the dismemberment of the Spartan empire (as the Spartans eventually did to Athens). For the USA this is the removal of the Russian satellites, and the break-up of Russia (see Yugoslavia for the dry run).

In the short term, the issues at stake between Russia the USA and the EU are dominated by energy – natural gas in particular. Russia has a lot of it, and the EU is very dependent on it.

Europe PipesThis gives Russia leverage and income. To remove this leverage and to financially damage Russia, alternative natural gas supplies are being sought.  The two main sources available are 1) Central Asia and 2) Qatar.

Central Asia (Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan etc) are largely out of the question, and I will post on that issue at a later date. As for Qatar, the UK already gets a vast amount of its energy from Qatar via liquefied natural gas shipped in tankers. The other way to get this gas to the UK and to Europe would be through a pipeline. The only problem is that any pipeline would need to go through either Syria or Iraq to get to Turkey and onward to Europe. Iraq is out of the question as the Iranians now dominate the place, as for Syria – Assad is the barrier in that department. Here is a map so you can see the road block formed by Iraq and Syria. Qatar is the little purple country east of Saudi Arabia.

Middle East

To add extra fun to the party, Qatari gas comes from a gas field called the South Pars/ north Dome gas field. Here is a map of the field (the little red pool).

CIA Ran Oil Gas

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the field is shared by Iran. It may surprise you to know that Assad actually did agree for a pipeline to transport this gas through Syria to Europe, unfortunately for the USA and the EU it was from the Iranian portion of the field, which would have supplied control of a large portion of the EU’s gas supply to Iran (as well as Russia again).

So in summary, Assad has refused a pipeline from Qatar through Syria, but has agreed to one from Iran (which would work in concert with Russia to keep the prices Europe would need to pay high). Russia and Iran therefore allied with Assad against the USA and the EU who want to remove Assad to facilitate the gas from the South Pars- North Dome field being supplied through it’s puppet state Qatar. The USA and EU tried to remove Russian access to Sevastopol to reduce its ability to influence affairs in Syria, and for longer term strategic concerns, and failed.

So nothing to do with Democracy, humanitarianism or any other reason; it’s all due to Gas supplies to Europe, influence and longer term United States hegemony.

The current strategic objectives that are still outstanding are points 2 and 3- disconnect the rest of Ukraine from Russia to hurt Russian prestige and to encourage other separatist movements (Dagestan, Chechnya etc), and strategic positioning so that the USA and EU have access to territory on the borders of Russia (in particular the port of Sevastopol).

Athens and Sparta all over again.

Homosexuality as a Result Of the Pathogen

There are lots of instances where pathogens create behavioral changes in animals.

One of the authors of this blog cites the example of a toxoplasma which causes mice to become sexually attracted to cat urine, but apparently there are a lot of other examples. Off the top of my head, I know of a species of fungus which hijacks the brains of insects in the Thailand rainforests, directs them to go high up into the tree tops, and then forces them to grip the leaves with their mandibles (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis). The insects then die and the fungus feeds off the carcass. The resultant spores become more effectively dispersed given the new found height of the fungus.

On another post, the author even suggests such pathogens, or parasites, could be a factor in animal domestication. The premise being that wild species with a toxin, or parasite like tapeworm, develops an unusual docility, or warmth towards humans in the same way the mice did to cat urine – these then become prime candidates for domestication. There is also the potential that the Flu makes us more social as a way of increasing infection rates.

Homosexuality demonstrates no Mendelian heredity; and homosexuality makes no sense as a genetic survival trait. This is eventually going to have to be dealt with by our liberal-progressive society as their whole bogus belief system is based on the claim of rationality. The human being is either an animal subject to the same rules as the Animal Kingdom and therefore homosexuality is a result of something going seriously biologically astray, or, humans are not subject to the same laws of nature in the liberal-progressive model, and they will have to finally admit their belief system is rooted in a belief in the supernatural.

The only escape route I can see, is a complete submersion of any science around the issue, and reliance on religious devotion to the present b*ll*cks beliefs (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil). That, and utter false nonsense being spouted by anthropology experts e.g a tribe in papa new guinea once had a gay man babysit for a bit and this demonstrates human eusociality – as if human society is comparable to a termite mound.

Modern anthropology is clearly an utter joke. Apparently one of the more eminent among them tried to link Catalhoyuk with modern Wiccans. Words fail me.

Expect more of the nutters to come out of the woodwork to back up equality based on a non existent human behavior from 3,000+ years ago that they can’t prove. Especially given the current Gender Mainstreaming process effecting the world. Thanks UN, USA and EU.

Thanks a lot.

On a further note, I highly recommend the West Hunter Blog. Every post is fascinating.