Gender Mainstreaming blowback

As I highlighted in my previous post, the media is acting in a social engineering role to push the hard left feminism being dumped on the UK by the EU. One major method is to make examples of people who are not in synch with the new gender equality ideology (message amplification).

Take for example this Daily Mail story regarding a minister’s aide who made negative comments regarding feminists. This is in no way a national story, however it is clear the newspaper has a remit to look for such incidents to blow out of proportion, and to make an example of the people involved. Or a more recent example is that of Richard Scudamore and his private emails.

Then we have the comments from a neuroscientist by the name of Gina Rippon who made a major statement regarding Male and Female brains being identical. Proffesor Rippon has stated that the male and female brain differs only due to the “drip,drip,drip” of gender stereotyping. This obviously is pure rubbish, and is not fact, but one of the ingrained tactics of the Cathedral is the use of “science” as a validator of ideology. Gina Rippon’s appallingly stupid theory is already being used to justify a boycott of reviewing gender specific literature by the Independent.

In addition to the nonsense regarding biological similarity between the sexes, another interesting development in Gender Mainstreaming is the reported presentation of a private members bill by Bill Cash, whos aim is to put gender equality at the heart of the UK government’s development aid.

Apparently there was

“Deep confusion in the Commons when Bill Cash, the famously Eurosceptic MP, went off piste and proposed a new law which had nothing to do with Europe”

This seems very noble of the right honorable Bill Cash, everyone’s favorite decade long EU and government rebel…except… the premise of gender equality being made central to foreign aid is part of the EU’s remit. So did Bill Cash dream this up himself in an extraordinary coincidence? Or did the Government request he put it forward as a private members bill as a means to hide its origin? I don’t think I need to answer that one, but this highlights the charade that is opposition government in the cathedral system, and gives a glimpse into how consciously aware they are of the mechanisms available. It also demonstrates the power behind foreign aid – the receiving countries were not consulted were they? where’s the democracy there progressives?

While this (obviously not EU linked [sarc]) action of Bill Cash may seem wonderful to the cathedralites, unfortunately, it appears to have serious ramifications which the media are either not reporting, or misrepresenting.

Take for example Nigeria and its recent law regarding banning same sex marriage, or Uganda’s outlawing of homosexuality, or how about Putin’s banning of homosexual propaganda?, or India’s re-banning of homosexuality? These all appeared at the same time, and I’m sure other countries around the world will follow suit. The media have pathetically tried to variously blame evangelical preachers, and colonialism to divert attention, but what seems to be clearly the root cause is the EU and the UN leading a push for gender deconstruction based on liberal creationism and a complete disregard of logic, science or reality.

It’s an example of a group within the Cathedral using their clout to push an issue.

It’s so bad, they have even halted loans designed for the Uganda health care system.

Gay marriage? or health care for sick people? – gay marriage wins hands down. That’s fucked up.

This, then, as I have discussed before, present a massive area of research for anti-cathedral study regardless of your position on gay marriage. It covers it all – NGOistan, public perception manipulation, aid-colonialism, military intervention on the basis of humanitarianism (R2P) – and it is running live as we speak.